Sunday, September 16, 2012

9 Months Old!

I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger.  I've acknowledged that.  So here is a cute picture of E to make up for it!

Life is amazing with this little boy.  He continues to amaze us every day.  I love that whenever he does something new it is headline news for us:

He gave A a kiss! Oh my goodness! And then I get jealous and try to get one, too.  :)

He stuck his butt in the air while doing tummy time! He is getting so close to crawling!

He picked up a cereal puff! Woo hoo!

He growls......what?! When E's cousin E was visiting, he picked up on the talent from her.  So funny to see a nine month old baby growl.  Sometimes I think he does it just to get a reaction out of us.

Until next time......

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